Personality Traits of Successful Copywriters

Being a Copywriter

When you tell people that you’re a copywriter many people may think that you’re the type of person that’s out protecting the inventors of the world from having their ideas stolen. While these people serve an important role in various fields, copywriters serve a much different purpose. Copywriters are the fine folks that work in advertising or marketing that create the copy that gets you to either buy something, or raise awareness about whatever their client wants. Copywriters are a mix between story tellers and sales people that stretch their creative muscles in order to influence consumers into doing what they please. These mystical word-slingers also have the potential of making a pretty chunk of change while doing so.

What does it take to secure a job as a copywriter though? As with any other profession, being a copywriter comes with its own set of personality traits that can help define whether or not someone has the potential of becoming a good copywriter. Of course, not all copywriters are the same and all of them are unique and special in their own ways. There are, however, certain traits that seem to be more popular among copywriters that are at the top of their field.

1. Work Ethic

It might be true that you’re able to get yourself a freelance copywriting gig where you can work from home. Your daily work routine might be filled with mid-day naps and unhealthy levels of snacking. An important character detail that reigns above having a full stomach and being well rested is the ability to prioritize the work that needs to be done. Work ethic is one of those traits that are necessary across a multitude of different careers, but none more so than in a job that isn’t as structured as most.

2. Style

The brand, product, client, or whatever it is that you’re working on will be affected by the style in which you use to communicate. As a copywriter you are acting as the voice of the client, and how you decide to write will ultimately be the deciding factor of how consumers will view them. Having a good style will allow the outside world to be able to see your ideas in the way that you want them to see it.

3. Professionalism

You might be the coolest kid on the block with your new job as a copywriter, but you won’t mean a damn thing by the end of the day if you miss a deadline. It’s often case that companies or agencies will hire a slightly worse (or less proficient) writer who is punctual and works well with others over a narcissistic grade-A writer who is allergic to deadlines.

4. Use of Language

Would you rather hear everything being laid out or would you want to see it? A good copywriter is able to craft lines with figurative language and utilize the best choice words to help consumers understand what the brand is trying to say. The role of a copywriter shouldn’t just be to pile out information without any rhyme or reason like verbal diarrhea. Copywriting is there to tell a story, and you are the wordsmith hired to spin out delicious little lines of prose that’ll grab your readers where the sun don’t shine and have them enjoying every second.

5. Optimism and Enthusiasm

These traits go hand in hand. It’s the sad but true case that most of the incredibly talented writers with the Midas touch of literature are grumpy old souls who couldn’t care if the world burned tomorrow. Call it the sacrifice of creativity and understanding, or whatever you want, but these are the types of people that companies and agencies wish they could work with, but won’t. Although they might be the best writers, they are also much harder to work with. At a certain point people will have to ask themselves if it’s worth it to change their lives and schedules around to work with another person. Chances are the answer will be no. Being enthusiastic lends its hand to add an uplifting sort-of spice into the copy that writers create. You can string together as many action verbs as you want, but at the end of the day boring writing is still just boring writer. There is an age old saying that goes along the lines of, “Shit dusted in gold is still shit.” Be more than just the dusting of gold on top.